Alabama Unemployment Offices

The Alabama Department of Industrial Relations (also known as DIR) has five operational divisions with corresponding specific roles in improving the quality of life of its people. Also, they have the responsibility in ensuring that there is a healthy business climate for its employers. Among these five divisions, the Unemployment Compensation (UC) Division takes charge in providing financial services to workers who have lost their jobs or have been reduced with working hours through no fault of their own. As with other states in the country, this is subject to certain conditions and eligibility requirements.

How Unemployment Compensation for the Temporarily Unemployed in Alabama is Funded

Federal and state unemployment taxes are paid by employers. None of these taxes are coursed through the wages of employees. Therefore, unemployment compensation is funded through what we call as “employer taxes”. Employers pay the first $8,000 of their workers’ gross earnings during a tax year and this is deposited into the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund. In some instances employers also choose to reimburse the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund the costs paid to their workers on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Qualifiers for Unemployment Compensation in Alabama

First and foremost, the following are the basic qualifiers in order to benefit for the Unemployment Compensation Program of the DIR:

  1. A worker loses his job through no fault of this own, and
  2. A worker was given reduced working hours involuntarily.

Aside from the two, take note that there are certain issues which will be taken into consideration by the division as they evaluate your claim. How they determine your claim will depend on the following:

  1. The wages paid to you by your employer within the base period quarters; and
  2. The cause you got separated from your employer.

Whether your wages have been insured for unemployment compensation or not will be determined if you qualify for unemployment benefits. Wages should have been insured during at least two quarters of your base period. The base period covers the first four of the last five concluded calendar quarters before the effective date of the claim. To illustrate, if the unemployment claim is April, May or June of 2012, and the last five quarters are January 2011 to March 2012, then the base period is January 2011 to December 2011. In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits in Alabama, check the two quarters during the base period for which you got the highest amount of wages. Then, the average earnings of the two must equal to at least the minimum amount specified by law. In addition, the total base period wages (or the wages in the first four of the last five quarters) should be equal or more than 1 ½ times your high quarter earnings. To date minimum weekly UC can range from $295 to $330.

The benefit year, or the period which you can claim UC benefits in Alabama, is 52 weeks. However, the maximum benefit amount which one can draw in the benefit year will only be equivalent to a maximum of 26 weeks or fewer.

How to File for Unemployment Compensation Claim in Alabama

When filing for UC claim, applicants should provide (in accordance to the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and the Code of Alabama of 1975) their social security number because only then can the division:

  1. verify your identity,
  2. trace your employer(s) and wages,
  3. evaluate other income,
  4. evaluate your eligibility
  5. keep records of your benefit payments, and
  6. collect other information relevant to the processing of the claim.

Aside from the SSN, other requirements which may be needed for filing a claim are:

  1. Driver’s license or Alabama ID #
  2. Alien Registration card, if applicable
  3. Employer/Employers’ name, complete addresses, contact numbers, start and end dates of the last 2 employers
  4. Documents proving federal civilian employment, military service, or work performed outside the state of Alabama in the last 18 months
  5. Bank routing number, checking or savings account number (so that the Unemployment Compensation payment will be deposited directly to your account).

Contacting Claims Specialists in the State of Alabama

Filing a claim through mobile phone is not recommended. You may file through telephone by dialing 866-234-5382, or 1-866-2-FILE UC. You may choose to call through a One Stop Career Center or Employment Service Office nearest your area of residence.

When you make your call, expect to be asked a series of questions which you will answer by pressing a digit on the touch-tone phone keypad. Then you will be transferred to a claims specialist for additional instructions. The contact number for inquiries and follow-up on already filed claims is 800-361-4524. You may also file and inquire on the official website of the DIR:

When receiving unemployment benefits, the state of Alabama does this by providing Direct Deposit and Debit (Bank) Card. Whenever you are determined already to be eligible for payment, the funds are deposited to your debit card, savings or checking accounts within 2 business days. The debit card will be mailed to you after your claim is determined eligible. Should you have some debit card problems whether technical or lost/stolen AL Vantage cards contact the debit card cardholder services line at 877-253-0757.  The debit card might look like this.

Losing a job doesn’t have to be the end of the road. While looking for a new job Alabama can financially assist you in ways to cover the household expenses. Whether you still have a job or you already got laid off, it is beneficial to know beforehand how the UC program operates. You can do the following inquiries when filing a UC claim whether online or through telephone.

  1. Establish a new claim
  2. Reopen a new claim
  3. File Weekly Claim Certification
  4. Update Contact Info and/or Payment Method
  5. View Weekly Claim Certification Information
  6. File for High Unemployment Extended Benefits Compensation

If you live in the Montgomery, Birmingham, Decatur, Huntsville, Mobile or other Alabama cities and you need to apply for unemployment in Alabama, or locate Alabama unemployment offices, you can use the Alabama unemployment phone numbers provided below. To apply for unemployment in Alabama you will need to call to set up a new unemployment claim. If you’ve already got an existing unemployment claim in Alabama, you may also use the following information for inquiries regarding your claim.

Apply for Unemployment in Alabama – to File a new Unemployment Claim or Reopen a Previous Claim

Alabama Unemployment Phone Numbers

File an Alabama Unemployment Claim: 1-866-234-5382

File an Alabama Unemployment Claim (TYY/TDD): 1-800-499-2035

Existing Unemployment Claims: 1-800-361-4524

To File Weekly Alabama Unemployment Certification

Montgomery: 334-954-4094

Montgomery (TYY/TDD): 334-956-7302

Birmingham: 205-458-2282

Toll Free: 1-800-752-7389

Toll Free (TYY/TDD): 1-800-280-9828

Other Numbers

Alabama Unemployment Appeals: 334-242-2084
Report Alabama Unemployment Fraud:  1-800-392-8019