Making a Smart Resume in the Midst of Unemployment

There are rules to put into mind when making resumes. It becomes more important when you have been in the unemployment period for quite some time. This is one moment in your life when it is okay to brag about your achievements. However, more than the achievements relevant to the job position, many employers are… Read More

Loneliness, Stress, and Depression in Unemployment

Unemployment is a time when one must always be focused in order to create a plan on what to do next and how to do it. This seems to be very easy for a strong-willed person. However, a person who became much attached to his job for a long time and never expecting that he… Read More

Preparing Yourself before and After Unemployment

Many employees have lost their jobs as a result of the recession. There were instances during the past years that the unemployment rate could reach a double digit numbers. In 2010 alone, the year ended with almost a 10% unemployment rate. The Department of Labor has seen that claims for unemployment insurance (UI) have increased,… Read More

Recognizable Jobs Not Directly Hit By Recession

Due to conditions brought about by recession, many of us may deem it strategic to focus on jobs that pay more. However, it is more tactical and practical to consider jobs that are more unlikely to be affected by the results of bad economic times due to the nature of their work. An accountant, no… Read More

Unemployment Rate in the Great Depression

History is full of unforgettable events that left a mark in people’s mind for later generations. One example of this is The Great Depression in late 1929 that resulted to extremely high double digit unemployment rate. Although the rich did not really feel the impact of this economic event, many middle to low class citizens… Read More

Reducing Frictional Unemployment

Frictional Unemployment is a form of unemployment where there is a mismatch or lack of information between jobseekers and employers. It is noted the frictional unemployment rate can never go down to zero as there will always be instances when workers will be in between jobs in their quest to search for better paying jobs… Read More

The Costs of Unemployment

Every government around the globe will look at the management of unemployment as one of the most daunting jobs in the world. When people could not find the jobs they are looking for which meet their credential due to a lack of demand from employers, that only indicates that there is not enough available jobs… Read More

Definition and Reasons for Cyclical Unemployment

Cyclical unemployment is a form of unemployment brought about by negative economic growth. This is usually observed whenever a country suffers from a recession in which it achieves low levels of economic output in two or more consecutive quarters. During a recession, cyclical unemployment rises severely. The logic behind this is that lesser people are… Read More

Definition and Reasons of frictional Unemployment

Frictional unemployment is the time period when a worker is actively seeking for a job or transferring one job to another. It is similar to an individual’s temporary unemployment when a worker is out of the job at one point in time but will then go back as soon as job is available. People who… Read More

Definition and Reasons of Structural Unemployment

Structural unemployment is one principal form of unemployment in which a mismatch between availability of jobs and the skills and locations of workers occurs. A clear example of this form of unemployment is when a highly urbanized area has more job openings for positions that cannot be addressed by local workers due to lack of… Read More

Steering Clear of Unemployment after College Graduation

ARTICLE TEXT: College graduation is a very exciting part of anyone’s life as this is the period when all the excitement begins for a person to get involved with the real world of employment. At most times, hopes are high for the optimistic and aggressive jobseeker. However, looking into the increasing unemployment rates of the… Read More

The Interrelationship between Recession and Unemployment

When recessions occur, most people put all the blame to the government. Knowledge on economic trends and business economics in the society is not automatically guaranteed if one finishes college. Every time recession occurs, the use of the term is over all newspapers, magazines, and conversations. However, not everyone is fully aware of its definition… Read More

The Basic Process in Application of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Unemployed workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own are given the opportunity by the government of the United States to support their financial needs temporarily through Unemployment Insurance or UI. It allows “jobless” eligible workers to support their daily needs in the absence of a stable income. The funding for… Read More

Getting Ready for Unemployment

Involuntary removal from a job is usually a strenuous moment for any person. Even when a person is effective in his job position, certain economic conditions brought about by a general downturn in business will naturally make anyone subject to possible unemployment. With the current negative trends in business, no one would want to be… Read More

New York Eligibility Requirements for Unemployment Insurance

The government provides temporary financial assistance to eligible workers who have been removed from his job for legally accepted reasons that are not of his own fault. An example of these reasons would be company downsizing. While he is out of a job, he can support his daily needs by applying weekly for unemployment insurance… Read More

General Grounds of Unemployment

There are economic conditions in the country that could become general causes for unemployment. Although several business events and policies were created to protect both employers and employees, there are instances when such measures lead to unpleasant figures in the employment state of a nation. One such measure is the actions made by labor unions…. Read More

Common Consequences of Unemployment in the Society

Both employed and unemployed people will be concerned whenever the unemployment rate in the US continues to increase in consecutive months. Even when one person still possesses a job, he may become anxious whether he can keep his job longer or not in the midst of a general downturn in the economy. For the unemployed,… Read More

Unemployment Rate and Key Data from an Employment Report

On a monthly basis, specifically every first Friday month, the US Department of Labor releases its Employment Report which highlights key determining factors that affect employment across the country. The most important figure taken into account by economists and investors alike is the unemployment rate. It gives them a vision as to how the business… Read More

Unemployment Rate as Determined by the Department of Labor

A country’s economic status is determined by many factors, and one of them is unemployment rate. If a country’s unemployment rate is high, it means that a huge percentage of supposedly active workers run out of enough means to support their daily needs. In the United States, the unemployment rate is measured on a monthly… Read More

The Significance of Unemployment Rate

When we divide the number of unemployed workers with the number of workers in the labor force, we will be able to get the unemployment rate of a country. It is one of the indicators looked at by economists whenever a nation is suffering from recession. Recession on the other hand is a condition where… Read More