Loneliness, Stress, and Depression in Unemployment

Unemployment is a time when one must always be focused in order to create a plan on what to do next and how to do it. This seems to be very easy for a strong-willed person. However, a person who became much attached to his job for a long time and never expecting that he… Read More

Common Consequences of Unemployment in the Society

Both employed and unemployed people will be concerned whenever the unemployment rate in the US continues to increase in consecutive months. Even when one person still possesses a job, he may become anxious whether he can keep his job longer or not in the midst of a general downturn in the economy. For the unemployed,… Read More

Economic Conditions that Cause Unemployment

A country that is facing reducing figures in its growth domestic product or GDP will immediately experience unpleasant economic conditions such as unemployment. Increasing unemployment rate seen in consecutive quarters will become a factor as well once the country experiences recession. There are situations which will result to unemployment. The following are some of the… Read More

How Long-term Unemployment Affects the Person’s Family

Long-term unemployment is a complicated period especially when you have a family to support. When you think that you have the coping skills to get through the situation, it may not be the case for your children and your spouse. We have already heard of many stories where families fall apart due to unemployment. When… Read More

Health Risks of Unemployment

For many decades, scientists have discovered the detrimental effects of unemployment to a person’s health. A person with a strong personality may get through it unnoticeably. A depressed unemployed person who is not aware of what it may do to one’s health will fall into serious illnesses brought about by depression. Depression is perhaps the… Read More

Why Unemployment Affects People

Unemployment is a condition no one will ever wish to experience. However, economic trends will always make this condition inevitable for too many of those among the labor force. Sometimes, we wonder why some people can cope up with the negative effects of unemployment effortlessly. Then, there are those who fell into depression and medical… Read More

How Unemployment Affects Health

A person who is used to living from paycheck to paycheck will naturally be devastated when he loses his job. Unemployment rates today have been increasing that it creates anxiety both to the unemployed and the employed. The times are hard and the future is unpredictable. Even the people with the best set of skills… Read More

Mental and Physical Outcomes of Unemployment

It is not a doubt that many people who have lost their jobs through several reasons such as being laid off, positions named redundant, sickness, or being fired suffer from several mental and physical effects due to unemployment. Today, the percentage of people not having jobs is at an all time high rate. It is… Read More

Heath Risks of Unemployment

Losing a job not of your own doing during a period of high unemployment rate is definitely a difficult experience for anyone to bear. However, you can make a stand and positively think you can still get a job right away, or you can wallow in self-pity believing that all is lost and nothing can… Read More

How Unemployment Can Negatively or Positively Impact a Household

It is a difficult challenge for anyone to bear when a family faces unemployment of its major breadwinner. With the United States’ increasing unemployment rate that has sometimes registered to a double digit growth, it is inevitable for few household to suffer the effects of unemployment. 1. What it does to marriages. When couples are… Read More

Unemployment and Other Manifestations of Recessions

A high level of unemployment rate is evident whenever a country suffers from recession. When we speak or a recession, it refers to an economic condition in which a country suffers from two or more consecutive quarters of dwindling national economic output. This means that only a few people have buying power to purchase available… Read More

Unemployment Impact to the Economy

Unemployment poses many threats to the economic condition of a country. When a particular state in the U.S. experiences sets an all-time high unemployment rate for years, it causes some sort of confusion to a lot of people. It may not mean so much to the average worker, but to someone who knows very well… Read More

How Unemployment Affects the Economic Conditions of a Country

When unemployment rates go up, the government will be challenged as it becomes a manifestation that it has fell short in ensuring that its citizens have stable jobs that will provide stable incomes for their households. People can become anxious and confused every time unemployment rates ho higher than normal. A person who has lost… Read More

Common Causes of Unemployment in the United States

Unemployment is one of the many factors associated with a declining economic condition within the country manifested by recession, or the continuing decline of national economic output. Although an increasing unemployment rate will be discovered later months after a recession is announced, it is also an indirect cause for recession. How does unemployment take effect?… Read More

Rapid Changes in Technology as a Cause for Unemployment

Unemployment is caused by many factors. With the installation of the Internet era, rapid changes in technology have been a cause of unemployment among some sectors in the society. Let us look at some examples when technology has resulted to a considerable rate of unemployment among some people. Cecil de Mill’s movies have shown large… Read More

Unemployment Due To Discrimination

There are many causes for unemployment. On a country-wide scale, it can be due to recessions and financial crisis. In a state-wide scale, it can be due to lack of investors coming in that will generate new jobs. However, in one way or another, a particular person can experience a great deal of unemployment periods… Read More

Attitude as a Cause for Unemployment

Unemployment causes for individuals vary. In more serious terms having lost a job can be due to recession, financial crisis, retrenchments, and so much more for which an individual may not be blamed. It is simply part of a country’s challenging economic conditions. There are many factors that unemployment rates are attributed to, but it… Read More

Financial Crisis as a Cause of Unemployment in the United States

The last part of the previous decade has been a challenge for the country, at least when we talk about employment and unemployment rates. At a monthly statistic for the period of November 2009 to November 2010, at least 53% of the total number of unemployed people in the United States has been laid off…. Read More