Getting Ready for Unemployment

Involuntary removal from a job is usually a strenuous moment for any person. Even when a person is effective in his job position, certain economic conditions brought about by a general downturn in business will naturally make anyone subject to possible unemployment. With the current negative trends in business, no one would want to be… Read More

An Effective Job Search Plan during Unemployment

For any person who has recently lost a job, this period becomes stressful and inconvenient. He will be put into situations where he has to repeatedly state why he’s not working for now every time he is asked by people at occasions or during job interviews. Many people are not able to handle this situation… Read More

Some Simple Alternatives during Unemployment

No worker would wish to experience unemployment in his productive years. However, even when you are a very effective and professional employee, certain conditions in the economy will not keep you from losing a job. If for example you are about to be legally released from your company or you know a friend who is… Read More

Fighting Unemployment by Embracing the Right Attitude

Many people go through long periods of unemployment even when they have astonishing credentials because of poor character. We often hear that the right attitude is the key towards career success. However, when we are already on the job the stresses that come with our daily demands and tasks can sometimes test our patience and… Read More

What You Must Do to Handle the Effects of Unemployment

Whether you are a fresh graduate or out to get a better paying job, unemployment is not an attractive situation to be in. No matter how positive you are that you will get a job as soon as possible, there are instances when you cannot control the conditions around you. But, you can always control… Read More

How to Manage the Effects of Unemployment

Unemployment is not an easy situation for any person to deal with. Depression, anxiety, and loneliness moments normally come, but a person with the adequate coping skills and self-esteem needed to keep his good sense will go on just fine. It is a basic notion that when you have lost your job or about to… Read More

How to Deal with Stress during Unemployment

Being jobless should not be a time to fall into anxiety or loneliness. It is a time when you must stand on your feet and reflect on the things you must do next as well as the things that matter most. Many people have been too work-centered that when they are on the brink of… Read More

How a Family Man Must Handle Unemployment

Facing unemployment is a difficult situation for any family man. A job gives a person a sense of worth and importance for the people around him. It gives him a social image which describes him as a person who can adequately support his needs as well as the needs of his family. Economic times are… Read More

How an Unemployed is more likely to Cope Up with the Effects of Unemployment

Unemployment is a difficult time to anyone’s life; more so when you have a family of your own. There are bills to pay around the house, you send children to school, and you have invested on several assets on installment. Losing a job, whether you quit or were dismissed, is challenging. There will be a… Read More

Facing Unemployment? Plan Your Urgent Job Search

With the increasing unemployment rates that has plagued the country these past years, many workers who are still on the jobs may be left wondering if they are next. Besides, the times have been unpredictable and we have seen that even the most powerful corporations fell into bankruptcies. It is a sad circumstance. Anybody can… Read More

Keys to Building Your Resume despite High Unemployment Rates

Creating resumes never seemed to be difficult at all. However, with today’s fiercer competition among jobseekers, most of us are now faced with the challenge of creating attractive, valuable and meaningful resumes that should rise above a sea of resumes. After all, a resume will communicate to the employer of what makes you an asset… Read More

Unemployment—Strategies on How to Cope Up with a Job Loss and Get the Next Job Immediately

Losing a job involuntary is a difficult period in anyone’s life. By Involuntary unemployment we refer to downsizing, retrenchment, redundancies, separations, layoffs. No one would wish to lose a job when in the middle of raising a family, paying for house mortgage, financing a car, or planning for an out of the country vacation. Unfortunately… Read More

What to Do During Unemployment

When you lost a job especially at this very moment when we are still in the middle of experiencing the effects of recession, you can either wallow in self-pity or maintain a sunny disposition believing that everything will turn out fine at the right time and at the right place. Yes, unemployment is big problem…. Read More

What to do when facing unemployment in a potentially losing or closing firm

With the recent developments in US economy and unemployment rates reaching as high as 10%, it will always be a possibility for many firms to close down their businesses and discharge their employees from work. It is a sad fact. You may be working for a very huge company buy most likely than not, you… Read More