General Grounds of Unemployment

There are economic conditions in the country that could become general causes for unemployment. Although several business events and policies were created to protect both employers and employees, there are instances when such measures lead to unpleasant figures in the employment state of a nation. One such measure is the actions made by labor unions…. Read More

Unemployment Rate and Key Data from an Employment Report

On a monthly basis, specifically every first Friday month, the US Department of Labor releases its Employment Report which highlights key determining factors that affect employment across the country. The most important figure taken into account by economists and investors alike is the unemployment rate. It gives them a vision as to how the business… Read More

Unemployment Rate as Determined by the Department of Labor

A country’s economic status is determined by many factors, and one of them is unemployment rate. If a country’s unemployment rate is high, it means that a huge percentage of supposedly active workers run out of enough means to support their daily needs. In the United States, the unemployment rate is measured on a monthly… Read More

What You Usually See in an Unemployment Rate Report

The US Department of Labor releases a monthly report of unemployment every first Friday of the month. The unemployment rate of the nation is done on a monthly basis because it is a lagging indicator of a country’s economic growth. Determining the figures is not an easy task. It is done by making surveys to… Read More

Measurement of Unemployment Rate: Who Is Not Included In the Labor Force?

The measurement of unemployment rate in the United States includes not only the number of people who have lost their jobs. It also includes: 1.    Persons who have quit their jobs to look for another job 2.    Persons whose temporary jobs have ended 3.    Experienced workers looking for jobs after an absence from the labor… Read More

How an Ordinary Citizen May Contribute to the Unemployment Rate

To start off, recession, by economic definition, is defined as two successive quarters of dwindling gross domestic product (GDP). For US, that would be from 2007 to 2009. GDP is the total number of goods produced by manufacturers being purchased by able buyers. When the buying rate of consumers has a harmonious balance with the… Read More