Common Consequences of Unemployment in the Society

Both employed and unemployed people will be concerned whenever the unemployment rate in the US continues to increase in consecutive months. Even when one person still possesses a job, he may become anxious whether he can keep his job longer or not in the midst of a general downturn in the economy. For the unemployed, it is a period to worry about how he can support his needs and/or his family’s. If effects of unemployment become very rampant it affects the society on a very large scale.

A level of depression may be experienced by one who falls into unemployment. Loss of a job due to economic reasons that pushes a company to execute layoffs among employees is devastating. For any person who has stayed for a long time with a company it is too difficult to start again from scratch to hunt for jobs. Researchers have proven that unemployment may create psychological and physiological outcomes for a person who is not capable of handling the effects of unemployment well. His confidence, self-worth, and life direction seem to get out of hand just because of a job loss. A person’s mental health becomes too distressed that he will not be able to perform his roles correctly.

Unemployment can sometimes increase fights in the home between couples. Repeated fights due to one not getting a job sooner than the other can become a cause for divorce in the long run. Children who are not able to adjust with the need to live within their parents’ means tend to be rebellious and disrespectful to their parents due to peer pressure caused by friends who tease them for the lifestyle changes necessary in order to survive unemployment.

It is also noted that with unemployment in the society comes the increase in crime rates. There are instances when the jobless resort to illegal transactions and businesses in order to get quick money in the absence of new jobs.

Political leaders may also lose the trust of people when the increasing unemployment rate of the nation seems to never be controlled by the government. The confidence of the labor force will turn sour and thereby weaken their faith in the potential of the government to help solve unemployment problems.