Delaware Unemployment Offices

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is not outright to anyone who loses his job. In order to enjoy this state-provided unemployment benefits, one must have lost his job through no fault of his own. Furthermore, he has to consistently fit the definition of the unemployed such as one who actively seeks for a job and is ready to accept a job anytime one is available that fits his job description and experience.

Filing for Unemployment Insurance Benefits in the State of Delaware

In order for a UI applicant to be eligible for the said benefit, he must (1) have earned a minimum amount of wages; (2) be able to work, available for work, and actively seeking for a job; and (3) register for work with the Department of Employment and Training, except when exempted by law.

When applying for UI, one must first visit the nearest unemployment insurance claims office. Here is the list of local offices and their contact information:

1114 S. Dupont Hwy., Suite 103
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 739-5461

600 N. Dupont Hwy., Suite 205
Georgetown, DE 19947
(302) 856-5611

Pencader Corporate Center
225 Corporate Blvd., Suite 108
Newark, DE 19702
(302) 368-6600

4425 North Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19802
(302) 761-8446

UI Information Hotline (for claiming UI benefits)
New Castle County: (302) 761-6576
Kent & Sussex Counties: (800) 794-3032

Then, relevant information will be asked such as your name, address, social security card, employment history, and the reason why you lost your job. With regards to your work history, you will have to provide information on the contact information of your employers over the last 18 months. DD 214 (Member 4) form will be asked among veterans for whom military service falls within the last 18 months.

Just like all states in the US, one must always have the proper identification documents filing for Unemployment Insurance. However effective August 1, 2011, when claiming for unemployment insurance in the state of Delaware, an applicant must bring with him any combination of the following identification requirements:

1. Social Security Card & Driver’s License (by federal law, it can be a valid license from any state)
2. Social Security Card & State Issued Picture ID (by federal law, it can be a valid picture ID from any state).
3. Social Security Card and Passport
4. Social Security Card and Military ID
5. Social Security Card and INS ID
6. Driver’s License, or Passport, and any “official document” with full social security number indicated
7. State Issued Picture ID, or Passport and any “official document” with full social security number indicated

Note: Any “official document” with full Social Security Number indicated, includes, but is not limited to a Form W-2 or a pay stub.

It is also further made known then every time any of the above-mentioned IDs fail when swiped through the document authenticator, the claim will be deemed pending until the claimant is able to provide another acceptable document that will not fail the swipe test. Say for example, if the driver’s license fails the swipe test but the social security card did not, the claimant will have to provide a state issued picture ID, a passport , or a military ID that will pass the document authenticator.

There are plenty of fraud instances when it comes to UI claims, so don’t expect that this process is going to be easy on the part of the Delaware Department of Labor. To speed up this process, make sure you provide all the necessary information needed in your application with utmost honesty. State the specific reason why you lost your job. Report your gross income from each week you work, including part-time and full-time. You are also expected to be responsible enough in looking for a job; of course through the assistance of the Division and Employment Training. This is important in order for you develop an effective plan in your hunt for potential jobs. The key here is to make sure that while you are working your way in ensuring that you get to receive UI benefits weekly, you are also doing your part in being sincere on your application and in avoiding fraud. By the time you finally get hired again on a new job, you are also expected to report your employment to the Unemployment Office and not wait till your next UI check or direct deposit arrives.

Methods of Unemployment Insurance Claims in Delaware: TeleBenefits

You can file for UI by telephone through the Information Hotline mentioned above. Toll Free outside New Castle County is (800) 794-3032. The “TeleBenefits” system is only for claiming weekly unemployment insurance benefits check. You will be asked to choose your four-digit personal identification number or PIN during the first time you file through TeleBenefits. Instructions on the use of this system are shown on this link:

You can also file for claims online still using your TeleBenefits PIN. All you have to do is go to this site and log-in using your social security number and your PIN.

The Delaware Department of Unemployment Insurance is recommending their new and existing claimants to apply for direct deposit because it is faster, safer, convenient and free. For as long as you have your PIN established through TeleBenefits and your bank accepts services for direct deposits of unemployment insurance. You can enroll online for direct deposit through this link: Scroll down to see the Enroll for Direct Deposit tab.