Facing Unemployment? Plan Your Urgent Job Search

With the increasing unemployment rates that has plagued the country these past years, many workers who are still on the jobs may be left wondering if they are next. Besides, the times have been unpredictable and we have seen that even the most powerful corporations fell into bankruptcies. It is a sad circumstance. Anybody can become prey to the effects of the recession. How can an ordinary employee become prepared for the worst? What happens is he ever loses his job without his fault?

You cannot always control the conditions of the economy, but you can always control how you mange yourself when faced with these adversaries. Ultimately, if you are facing unemployment in a few weeks because your employers have already announced a possible downsizing or retrenchment, then your best resort would be to prepare for an urgent job search. How do you that?

1. Reflect on what you should be doing next. If you are getting laid off for example, would you still want to work in the same industry? Or will it be better for you change careers and choose jobs less prone to risks during bad economic times?

2. Before you leave your current company, make sure that you have made all endorsements to your HR department or to the one replacing you when your employers have already found one. You would want to be remembered as a colleague who has been very professional even when at the brink of losing your job. It will also make room for good comments when prospective employers make a call to your previous employer.

3. Make sure your resume is up to date. Keep it as simple as possible, with major highlights on certain achievements and awards you think is relevant for the job position you are eyeing.

4. Use your influence with the many networks you already have. That could be your friends, relatives, former colleagues, or the employment office of your previous college or university. They may just know of a place for you is you only ask.