Filing for Unemployment Insurance in California

The Employment Development Department (EDD) is in charge with processing the filing of Unemployment Insurance claims within the State of California. Unemployment Insurance, or UI, is temporary financial assistance provided to eligible workers to support their daily needs while still out of job. In order to become eligible for this financial assistance, the worker must have lost his job as a result of downsizing, layoffs, and other similar business conditions, have been actively looking for job during the previous weeks before he files for claims, and is capable and ready for work any time a job opening best suits his skills and work experience.

When you have decided on which method you wish to use in filing, there are items that you must prepare in order for you to fill out the application form as completely as possible to avoid delays. You must have you social security number and full name. You must also have either a State-issued driver’s license or identification card number. Mailing and residence address must have a zip code with it, and be sure that your telephone numbers have area codes. You should also indicate the last date that you worked for any employer. When you are working part-time you are obliged to indicate if you are still working and how many hours a week you are working. When you don’t, the department can verify that. Specify all pertinent information of your last employer which includes name, address with zip code, and telephone number with area code. If you have worked for several employers in the last 18 months then you will need to write down all of their information, as well as the wages you earned from them; also, state the employer you have worked for the longest. You will also have to state the reason for your unemployment. You will also be asked if you are expecting to get payments from a previous employer. Of course, you will be asked as well whether or not you are able and available to accept work.