Heath Risks of Unemployment

Losing a job not of your own doing during a period of high unemployment rate is definitely a difficult experience for anyone to bear. However, you can make a stand and positively think you can still get a job right away, or you can wallow in self-pity believing that all is lost and nothing can replace your old job. Too many people have fallen into many illnesses as a result of their incapacity to face the effects of unemployment.

1. Depression. This is the most common of illness many people go through not only due to unemployment, but to many other instances like heartbreaks, loss of a loved one, or business failure. It is important to note that sometimes depression is a common cause of many other illnesses. For example, some hit by depression are likely to eat more food than what they handle. They feel that they can find comfort just by eating. In the long run they get obese and worse, suffer from more serious diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

2. Stress. Unemployment for as long as two years, even when you have enough savings to support you while you do not have a job yet, can lead to stresses at home, with yourself, and with your friends. The probability that you will be continually asked why you lost your job or if you already have a job is inevitable, and the constant need to face those challenges may get the best of you. You may sometimes lack hours of sleep, you are constantly thinking of yourself, and if you have a family of your own that depends on your, the stress is more than what you may carry.

3. Loneliness. The price to pay for getting unemployed is living within your means. This means you will have to temporarily refrain from going out with friends for movies, dinners, and parties. You will have to entertain yourself in ways other than going out. You will need to spend more time alone.