How a Family Man Must Handle Unemployment

Facing unemployment is a difficult situation for any family man. A job gives a person a sense of worth and importance for the people around him. It gives him a social image which describes him as a person who can adequately support his needs as well as the needs of his family. Economic times are unpredictable these days. We have heard of many large corporations or banking institutions closing down as a result of recession, leaving many workers unemployed after years of dedicating themselves to the success of their respective companies. How can a family man get through a possible scenario where he will lose his job even when it is not his fault?

Here are some ways to handle the effects of unemployment so members of the household will not look at it as a negative condition they think will make them incapable of getting through.

1. Many experts suggest that the first thing you must do during unemployment is to measure for how long your financial resources can sustain you until you get the next job. If you have significant savings, the stress and pressure of being jobless won’t be too hard to bear knowing that you and your family still have a source of income to support the household while you are looking for a new job.

2. During unemployment, you can either wallow in self-pity or move forward positively thinking that things will be alright and you can get through it all. People with high self-esteem keep going. They never let the bad times eat them out. On top of all, they do not pass their anxieties to the members of his family.

3. Unemployment must be a time for you to test your communication skills in making your spouse and children understand why you lost a job and what you are doing to get back on your feet. In that way, they will be better able to cope up with you. You need the support of family and friends so that even though there will be moments of depression and anxiety, you still have the coping skills needed to keep your sanity.