How Long-term Unemployment Affects the Person’s Family

Long-term unemployment is a complicated period especially when you have a family to support. When you think that you have the coping skills to get through the situation, it may not be the case for your children and your spouse. We have already heard of many stories where families fall apart due to unemployment. When children are too young to understand and comprehend the conditions of the economic times, it is not easy to explain why you lost a job even when it is not your fault. What they may understand right away is that “Daddy lost a job and we will be poor in the coming weeks until he gets another job.”

Getting a job right away may not be easy at all times despite the many resources available due to reasons such as:

1. Most job openings are not in line with the breadwinner’s line of work experience.
2. The salary and wages offered are way too low; generally lower than what the breadwinner was receiving form his last employer.
3. The breadwinner is under- or overqualified for the job.
4. The working conditions generally do not fit for the breadwinner; some of which are work location, job description, age requirement, and others.

When a family is used to the many comforts around the house and on their overall living with the previous job the father is handling, it becomes very challenging to make kids understand the measures all members must take to live within their means. It will suggest cutting down on school allowance, trips to parks, going out with friends, buying new toys, and other activities that do not call for an urgent need. In a society where people are labeled by what their parents do, the pressure to children put by other kids due to a parent’s loss of a job will prove to be unhealthy to the children’s self-esteem. It now boils down to the ability of the mother to talk her way out to boost her children’s self-esteem even when daddy temporarily has no job.