How to Avoid a Long Period of Unemployment after Graduation

It could be a common scenario among fresh graduates not to get a job right away. Many new graduates can be waiting for some time before they get that first call from a company they have submitted their applications for employment to. Sometimes, due to a pool of new graduates finishing college at the same time, employers will indeed be bombarded with too many applications. There is a high chance for your application to be left at the bottom of the HR Manager’s tray. You may be too confident that you will be getting a job soon after graduation because of your impressive transcript of records or colorful résumé. But, taking into account some worse case scenarios would not hurt. It is much better to expect the worse, such as a long period of unemployment, than to keep hoping for the best so that when the right opportunity comes, you will always treasure it with all of your heart.

Here are some techniques that you must consider in order for you not to get that too long unemployment period from graduation:

1.    Always think ahead. Make a timeline for you to begin submitting applications to as many companies as possible. Make it 6 months before graduation. Consider sending applications to all companies that posted job announcements in your university or college.

2.    Never mail applications when you are applying in your town. Chances are when the HR Manager accepts your application; he might consider putting you to a walk-in interview. Never mind it’s still 4 or 6 months before your graduation. You might be considered for a job right after you graduated. If not, then at least you have already tasted what it’s like submitting applications or having a job interview.

3.    If you are submitting an application to a company based in another state, make your résumé as neat, concise, and straight-to-the-point as possible. Remember that employers do not often have a lot of time browsing over applications. Two pages are enough, and highlight the good ones. Do not put every campus club in your résumé. Include only those that trained you to have those qualities needed in the corporate world.