How to Deal with Stress during Unemployment

Being jobless should not be a time to fall into anxiety or loneliness. It is a time when you must stand on your feet and reflect on the things you must do next as well as the things that matter most. Many people have been too work-centered that when they are on the brink of losing a job they look at the situation as their end. It seems to them that their job is their world, bypassing all the other things that make their existence useful in the universe. Unemployment is indeed hard, but it’s not the only thing worthy of possessing in this world.

This stage is stressful. However, doing the following tips will help rejuvenate you in your jobless periods in order to combat stress.

1. Spend time with family and friends you haven’t seen in ages due to the demands of your work. You do not have to spend a lot to know what they are up to. For sure you have lost connection to some people who really matter most to you since you have spent more of your daily hours at your previous job. This is a perfect opportunity for you to strengthen relationships.

2. Spend your alone time doing things you haven’t done in a long time. Were there books on the shelf you’ve been wanted to read but can’t because of too much busyness at work? Did you ever consider learning how to cook special dishes or bake certain pastries? Have you always wanted to do a movie marathon on the couch of your most favorite movies? Make this jobless period a time for you to hone your hobbies.

3. Reflect on your goals and aspirations. This period is an opportune time to review what you want for your life. Too many people have desires, but no clear directions. Make this a time for you to plot out your short-term and long term goals and the measures you are willing to make to achieve them.