How Unemployment Affects Health

A person who is used to living from paycheck to paycheck will naturally be devastated when he loses his job. Unemployment rates today have been increasing that it creates anxiety both to the unemployed and the employed. The times are hard and the future is unpredictable. Even the people with the best set of skills are not exempted from the possibility of layoffs, downsizing, retrenchments, and similar conditions brought about by the recession. While losing a job will motivate people to work double time in finding the next job to support themselves as well as their families, it may also cause several negative impacts on the health of a person.

First, it will affect a person’s mental health. It has been proven over the years through numerous scientific researches that a person who cannot deal well with unemployment may lead to depression. Anxieties are common as well as restless sleeps. Long periods of unemployment will give him the tendency to spend more time at home watching television or just keep himself locked within the confines of his house because he thinks he has no right to go out and party due to the loss of stable income. When there are no support groups to keep him company, loneliness will get the best of him. It has been found that when an unemployed person has low self-esteem and no people around to comfort, motivate, and inspire him, the more he becomes prone to the serious effects of depression.

Secondly, a person’s physical well-being is also affected due to unemployment. The unemployed, as a result for example of depression, may experience malnourishment. Either he will gain or lose weight. Depending on the personality of the person, he will deal with problems by eating a lot of eating too little. This is why unemployed people have more visits with physicians. Due to the effects of stress, anxieties, untimely meals and not moving a lot as required while they were still working, they are more likely to acquire illnesses that involve maintenance treatments for certain health conditions.