How Unemployment Can Negatively or Positively Impact a Household

It is a difficult challenge for anyone to bear when a family faces unemployment of its major breadwinner. With the United States’ increasing unemployment rate that has sometimes registered to a double digit growth, it is inevitable for few household to suffer the effects of unemployment.

1. What it does to marriages. When couples are not well grounded and clear to the purpose of their marriage, unemployment can put a toll on the couple. There are instances when the next job is found in 6 months to 1 year at most. When the couple is unprepared, fights are likely to occur, especially when the husband has convinced the wife that he can support her on his own and so she would not need to work anymore but instead focus in managing the home. On the lighter side, unemployment is an opportunity to test the bond between couples, a perfect time to test their patience and love for each other. It is a period for them to apply the promises they’ve made during their wedding.

2. What it does to children. Normally children will not fully understand the impact unemployment may cause to the household especially when they have been used to the comforts of a home with a stable income. Teenagers will likely argue with parents when need to put up with fewer hours of television or Internet. On the lighter side, it is an opportunity for parents to speak seriously with their children about how things have become and how the family will need to work together to face the challenges. This will give them a clear idea that no one can really predict the future and that even their father with the best skills at work can be laid off at times. It will make them realize that money is not easy to earn and so there are moments in our lives that we should save on our resources.