Impact of Unemployment to the Society

When unemployment rates rise up at an all time high, it is a cause for concern for many people, both the employed and unemployed. When a person is unemployed, it affects himself and his family, too. When many people and families are affected with increasing unemployment rates, it affects the society.

Proof is obvious that unemployment comes with it a degree of depression and despair. When a person has been in the company or a job for decades and suddenly loses it due to economic situations, it will make him too unhappy and de-motivated to start from scratch. A person’s psychological and physiological functions are immediately affected. The mind is an automatic sufferer because a person entertains a sea of thoughts as to how he can cope up with the loss of a job. Self-confidence, self-worth, and life purpose are dismissed, believing that all is lost. With mental health affected, certain diseases may potentially follow such as stress or health conditions associated with poor health brought about by depression. Other effects of unemployment to the society are:
1. Increasing fights in the home which may lead to poor relationships between couples and family members.
2. Increasing crime rates done by the jobless who resort to illegal practices.
3. Loss of trust to the government in securing enough jobs to the labor force.
4. With depression a possibility, so are suicidal tendencies.
5. Social stigma may take the best among unemployed people. A job is a determining factor of one’s prestige and place in society.
6. Cutting back of one’s standard of living
7. Discrimination towards the unemployed by the employed due to the government’s necessity to provide unemployment insurance benefits through taxes paid by the working people.
8. Lessened opportunities for social gatherings due to lack of means to spend when interacting with friends.