Jobs Most Unlikely to Put You into the Unemployment Statistics

The unemployment rate has been registering double-digit numbers these past years and it is obvious that too many workers have been losing their jobs. While the Department of Labor constantly monitors the number of the employed and unemployed across the Unites States, they have also recorded that the applications for unemployment claims have been at an all-time high. This is very alarming news especially for people who have a family to feed and other responsibilities. Today, it would seem relevant for us to not focus on what jobs pay the biggest, and instead take into consideration those jobs that are most unlikely to be ever affected with downsizing or worse, recession.

One of these jobs is that of an accountant. All organizations will need the skills and experience of credible accountants to help manage the assets and other financial matters within the company. Without accountants, a company cannot fully realize where they are ahead and where they behind in terms of financial aspects in the business. As you can see, if for example a pharmaceutical company decides to cut down on costs, it is of the last priority by management to lay off people from the accounting department. This job is still prone to recession, but the good thing is if you ever get laid off, there will always be company willing to pay for your services.

Administrative assistants or executive assistants are also among those people most unlikely to lose their jobs especially when they are most knowledgeable about their superior’s appointments and other schedules. Most managers cannot function without their assistants. Imagine what it would be like to replace an assistant who has worked for you in 10 or 20 years. Do you think skills can be replaced by a newcomer? It is not always that easy.

Customer service representatives are also among the professions on the rise, and no matter how many recessions this country has experienced, demand for them remained higher. This is a job for people who can speak well and can relate effectively to customers of different personalities. Most industries require the services of people who can well represent their companies in sales, marketing, and hospitality management.