Keys to Building Your Resume despite High Unemployment Rates

Creating resumes never seemed to be difficult at all. However, with today’s fiercer competition among jobseekers, most of us are now faced with the challenge of creating attractive, valuable and meaningful resumes that should rise above a sea of resumes. After all, a resume will communicate to the employer of what makes you an asset to the company should you be chosen. It should not focus on attempting to get that most coveted job alone, but also to convince employers of the many advantages they will get for hiring you. In an era where the unemployment rate is high, you must be able to build that resume worthy of several glances from employers.

Before you proceed with making your resume you need to decide first if you should make a chronological, functional, or combination resume. Chronological resume is mostly chosen by employers as it gives them a view on your career progression from college graduation to your last job. On the other hand, when you are changing fields or working from one industry to a different industry, you might want to do the functional resume which will only focus on your unique skills and abilities relevant to the job position that will be filled. In this case however a combination resume, or a mixture of the first two, would be more vital so you can highlight your career progression and your skills in chronological order.

It is basic rule in most business letters to apply the KISS principle- Keep it short and simple. As much as possible, have your resume in two pages at most. As long as you have your name, address, email, and phone numbers at the beginning of the page followed by a brief summary of your work history, experience, and education, you have already created a huge impact with your simple yet complete resume. Be careful with your grammar. Also, a clear objective must be in line with the organization’s objective as set by the job advertisement.