Making a Smart Resume in the Midst of Unemployment

There are rules to put into mind when making resumes. It becomes more important when you have been in the unemployment period for quite some time. This is one moment in your life when it is okay to brag about your achievements. However, more than the achievements relevant to the job position, many employers are first impressed at how the resume is made. Here are the guidelines in making an impressive resume that will automatically get the attention of an employer while in the middle of reviewing a sea of resumes.

1. Never use a perfumed paper or stationery when making resumes. Many fresh graduates are tempted to have their resumes on colored papers instead of ivory colored ones in the hope of making their resumes different from the rest. It will only be thrown onto the trash can.

2. An 8×11 ivory colored paper is the most appropriate paper to use in making resumes. Use a size 12 font. The font must be in a professional appearance, such Times New Roman or Aral

3. Resumes are best read when details are presented in bullet forms. Do not make an “essay”. Never use paragraphs when making resumes.

4. Even a single grammatical error becomes a major turnoff. Proofread at all times. Most employers do not mind e or not it was just typographical error. In most cases, they will think you have imperfect English

5. Do not attempt to be very personal with your resume. Employers do not care about the color of your eyes or hair, your hobbies, or the names of your siblings. Keep it as professional as possible. For example, when including clubs in your educational background, focus on those that seem relevant to the job position. Winning in a research paper for example across campus is impressive to employers.

6. Always provide references. Writing down References Available upon Request is a mortal sin. How special do you think you are for employers spend the time to request first that you provide them references? It is a no no.