New York Eligibility Requirements for Unemployment Insurance

The government provides temporary financial assistance to eligible workers who have been removed from his job for legally accepted reasons that are not of his own fault. An example of these reasons would be company downsizing. While he is out of a job, he can support his daily needs by applying weekly for unemployment insurance (or UI) until he gets a new job. All states in the country have differing rules and guidelines but they are all subject to Federal laws. Any person who wishes to apply for UI must meet specific criteria in order to qualify.

An eligible worker must be paid by employers for services rendered in at least 2 calendar quarters of the base period in New York. One of the calendar quarters must have a t least a total of $1,600 in wages. Also, the total wages paid in the base period should be one and half times larger your wages per quarter. In most cases, the highest quarter earnings are not greater than $8,910. The New York State Unemployment Insurance Office will set up the claim once an applicant meets the requirements in the basic base period. If for example an applicant does not qualify for the basic base period, then the applicant can have the alternate base period as a basis for his claim. Most of the time workers choose that which allows him to get the higher claims.

Any applicant will only be considered unemployed if he passes the guidelines set up by the state and the Department of Labor: his temporary or seasonal employment officially ended, his job was eliminated, he was affected by company downsizing, the company shut down operations, the company is running out of financial resources to sustain employment of a number of people, or he was discharged or fired for not meeting performance or production standards.