Preparing Yourself before and After Unemployment

Many employees have lost their jobs as a result of the recession. There were instances during the past years that the unemployment rate could reach a double digit numbers. In 2010 alone, the year ended with almost a 10% unemployment rate. The Department of Labor has seen that claims for unemployment insurance (UI) have increased, proof that plenty of the unemployed have lost their jobs due to a general downturn business and not due to their unprofessionalism.

We can never predict what the future holds for our country. Whether we are in god or bad economic times, the only thing we can control is our attitude toward the conditions of the times. If for example we are hit by a possible downsizing with the company, there will always be ways to look at the brighter side and believe that a new job is waiting for you.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, you must give yourself some alone time on what you must be doing next. Will you be staying in the same industry that you belong to with your last job, or are you willing to try another one which seems to be thriving in the present?

It would be mc nicer if you have left a good remembrance the company that you will be leaving. But before you do that, take the time to execute proper endorsements to the person who will be replacing you. You will be leaving a mark of professionalism among former colleagues even seeing that you have done an extra mile despite being laid off. Future employers who will be making calls to your previous employers will surely get positive feedback from your former superiors.

Keep your resume updated. The general rule is KISS- keep it short and simple, but highlight you major achievements.

Make use of your circle of influence. Your friends, relatives, former colleagues, or employment office in your previous college or university may just have ideas of which companies have job openings.