Rapid Changes in Technology as a Cause for Unemployment

Unemployment is caused by many factors. With the installation of the Internet era, rapid changes in technology have been a cause of unemployment among some sectors in the society. Let us look at some examples when technology has resulted to a considerable rate of unemployment among some people.

Cecil de Mill’s movies have shown large numbers of people acting as extras, like the Ten Commandments. Due to limited technology in early Hollywood, computer generated effects was not among the vocabularies of many movie directors and producers. Any scene that entails hundreds of people acting altogether literally needed hundreds of people to act out the scene. There was an enormous need for actors and so there was a huge demand of actors on auditions for a high-budget true story like The Ten Commandments. However, as technology improved, computer was invented, and different types of software were created to cause special effects on movies, gone were the days as well of moviemaking that demanded hundreds of actors to act out a scene. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a good example of this. All those fight sequences showing thousands of characters at war were computer-generated. You may have already seen how this was achieved through Discovery Channel. One of the foremost inventors of this software is Ed Catmull, who was not given recognition for the software used in the first Terminator movie, but got an achievement award at the Oscars for his innovation in animation that all began in Pixar’s humble beginnings with Toy Story.

With rapid changes of technology, the need for numerous workforces also diminished. Many manufacturing plants today have minimal employees, caused largely by machines and computers doing the entire job for them. Do you even wonder how a large supermarket has more than enough supply of loaf bread on a daily basis? Many bakers today run their businesses through large manufacturing plants instead of small bakeries. Huge machines the size of an entire building performs all the baking processes and human effort only has to ensure that these machines work properly.

There are many other scenarios where technology has a part in unemployment. As for us, in order not to be left behind, we should therefore make efforts in getting technologically advanced. Start with making reports through MS Office and junk that typewriter. Please?