Recognizable Jobs Not Directly Hit By Recession

Due to conditions brought about by recession, many of us may deem it strategic to focus on jobs that pay more. However, it is more tactical and practical to consider jobs that are more unlikely to be affected by the results of bad economic times due to the nature of their work.

An accountant, no matter how difficult times may become, will always be consulted by organizations to assist them in the management of assets and other financial concerns in the firm. Accountants are hired to guide the firm in analyzing financial resources and how these resources can be protected and used in ways that will increase the profits of their business. When for example a company decides to downsize on employees, accountants are most likely among the last on the list. An accounting department of every firm is usually a group composed only of a few people. Many organizations dismiss the idea of hiring new employees to replace their accountants during layoffs believing that more experienced ones can better manage their financial assets.

Administrative assistants always seem to be more familiar with their superior’s daily routines at work. Dismissing them during hard economic times is like suicide to their bosses. Most managers and this is even evident on the movies we usually watch, cannot function well during the day when their assistants are not around. They have their time monitored for their managers, they have contact with clients to arrange meetings for their bosses, and they know exactly well which tasks need immediate attention and which ones can be attended later.

Customer service representatives are also on the rise due to the increase in business resorting to online or phone transactions to increase production. With the increased use of the Internet to hasten business transactions even for investment in stocks, the demand for customer service representatives across most industries will continue to rise.