Requirements for Filing Unemployment Insurance in New York

Unemployment Insurance or UI is financial assistance provided by the government to people who have lost their jobs under circumstances beyond their control. The unemployed can claim this benefit from the local state offices of the Department of Labor. When filing, there are specific requirements that must be complied. States may vary with some guidelines and requirements needed, but they all adhere to Federal laws that govern how each state should go about approval, denial, and delivering unemployment benefits.

In the state of New York for example, you must have the following items when filing a claim. The social security number is the topmost requirement to ensure that the department will be issuing benefits to the right people. Bring also a valid New York state’s driver’s license number or any photo identification card number. Your mailing address with zip code should be provided, one in which you want your check to be delivered. A telephone number is also needed so the office can contact you during office hours from Monday to Friday. An employer registration number or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is needed which you can find in your W-2 forms, as well as the complete name of your most recent employer, address, zip code, and contact numbers. Is you are not a US citizen; you must present an Alien Registration card number. If you are a Federal employee in the last 18 months, bring with you copies of forms SF 8 and SF 50. Your most recent separation form DD214, Member 4, will be requested if you are an ex-service member of the military. Should you decide on applying for a claim online and prefer to have direct deposit of weekly benefits, you are requested to bring a check so you can enter your bank routing and checking account numbers. Lack of the above requirements will only delay your claim.