Things You Must know about before filing Unemployment Insurance in the State of New York

Whenever someone has been laid off or lost his job for reasons not of his own fault, he can be supported by the government through unemployment insurance until he finds a job suitable with his line of work. Although all states in the country have differing rules and guidelines, they are all bound to certain federal laws that protect the unemployed. Still, they must fulfill certain requirements in order to qualify for unemployment insurance claims.

In the state of New York, you must have worked and have been paid for your services from your employers at least two calendar quarters in your base period, been paid at least $1,600 in wages in one of the calendar quarters, and it must be that the total wages paid to you in your base period are one and a half times your quarter wages. Usually the high quarter earnings are not greater than $8,910. If you happen to meet the requirements in the basic base period then this will be used to set up your claim. When for example you do not qualify for the Basic base period, then an Alternate base period is used to set up your claim. You can choose either way when you think that the other will allow you to get higher claims.

You will only be eligible for benefits under specific circumstances which is why there is need for a personal appearance to be engaged in an interview with the New York State Unemployment Insurance Office. You must have lost your job due to the following conditions:

a) Your temporary or seasonal employment officially ended
b) Your job was eliminated
c) You are affected by your company’s downsizing
d) You company shut down operations
e) Your company has lack of operating resources
f) Business related reason that caused your involuntary unemployment
g) You were discharged or fired because you were not able to meet performance or production standards.