Types of Unemployment Claims in California

Unemployment must not be dealt with heavily if you have been working in California. If you face unemployment due to reasons not of your own doing like downsizing or beyond your control such as recession, the government will protect you and provide you with temporary financial assistance through its unemployment compensation program widely known as UI or Unemployment Insurance.

In order to qualify you must meet the definition of the unemployed. It refers to people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, are actively searching and applying for jobs that would be suitable to their line of experience, and are able and available for work any time. The processing of claims is a comprehensive method in which local agencies nearest your area evaluates your payable claims, information on separation from last job, as well as details of your activities in order to get your next job. When filing for a claim in California, you may perform it via paper application, phone, or through online and e-mail services.

There are plenty of unemployment claims in the state. First is the Regular Unemployment Insurance which is funded by employers while they pay for taxes on employees’ wages that they pay. There is also Unemployment Insurance for Federal Employees which is given to former federal civilian employees, full-time or part-time. The claim of this type is funded by the Federal government. Former service members of the military who have been discharged for honorable reasons will also enjoy benefits through the Unemployment compensation for Ex-service members. Joint Claims are those filed by a claimant who has earned both California and Federal wages. A Combined Wage is claims based on wages earned from two or more states. Training Extensions are also provided to people who are still undergoing training and lack the necessary competitive job skills for full-time employment.