Unemployment Due To Discrimination

There are many causes for unemployment. On a country-wide scale, it can be due to recessions and financial crisis. In a state-wide scale, it can be due to lack of investors coming in that will generate new jobs. However, in one way or another, a particular person can experience a great deal of unemployment periods due to any form of discrimination.

Many cases of discrimination happen when looking for jobs. For one instance, age can be a basis for a job opening. Some companies would not dare hire a fresh graduate due to lack of experience. It would cost them time and money training people who have not basic ideas as to what a particular job position is all about, especially when they are still fresh from classroom training and have zero work experience under their belts. They may also not consider the more seasoned employees because it will mean higher salaries need to be paid.

Another basis for discrimination will be the social class of a person. Sometimes, due to some areas in a person’s background, they may not be considered for job positions which entail unique responsibilities in dealing with clients or customers of higher social classes. For example, a principal for a private school may not consider the promotion of a very experienced teacher who lives in the projects.

Sex is also a basis for discrimination. In the corporate arena where an increasing trend of women company presidents is evident, it is possible for some companies to refrain from hiring females in job openings when there are obvious quick promotions among women candidates. There are many instances today when women are seen as threats in the corporate world.

Perhaps the most common basis for discrimination is color or race. There are still parts in the country where racial discrimination is rampant and a few number of people get odd jobs or don’t get a job at all due to their color, race, and even country of origin.