Which Jobs Do Not Suffer the Harsh Effects of High Unemployment Rates?

If you are a parent of this decade that witnessed several periods of recession, for sure you want your child to get the college degree with the lesser risks of experiencing unemployment. By now you may want to introduce your child to some of the professions that are unlikely to suffer the direct blows of recession for which unemployment is a common manifestation.

Most surveys that attempt to assess among which industries have the lowest layoff percentage, have concluded that jobs which require the expertise in biotechnology and skills profession had the lowest incidence of layoffs. Let us take a look at these jobs and perhaps you may want to do a little research on their requirements and salary levels to begin seeing which among them best fits your child’s visible early set of skills.

Medical assistants are among the highly demanded professions today in the biotech industry. They can be medical technologists, medical aides, and chemists, lab technicians, so on and so forth. It is no wonder that physicians cannot function on their own without the assistance of allied medical professionals.

When recessions occur, crime rates may go up as well. Therefore, the profession held by police officers will always be in demand whether the economy is in good and bad conditions. It is a highly regarded job with great benefits coming from the government but with a high price to pay, too. On a daily basis, your life is always in danger while fulfilling the role of providing safety and security to the society.

Public teachers will never be out of demand with the increasing population which will generate more students in public schools. Besides, these men and women will always be needed to help educate the young of the causes and effects of unemployment.

Parents, relatives and loved ones will do the best they could to provide comfort to the lives of the people they love. Whether they are in special conditions or suffering from accidents, they will do the best they can to come up with money or get help from the government to support their needs. Therefore, occupational or speech therapists for specially challenged children, physical therapists for those undergoing therapies after accidents, and nurses in private and government hospitals will never run out of jobs.