Why Unemployment Affects People

Unemployment is a condition no one will ever wish to experience. However, economic trends will always make this condition inevitable for too many of those among the labor force. Sometimes, we wonder why some people can cope up with the negative effects of unemployment effortlessly. Then, there are those who fell into depression and medical illnesses. How does unemployment affect people? Why is losing a job so difficult to bear?

The number one reason for these questions is the fact that a job gives a person an identity. It is obvious that when you meet an acquaintance the next thing they ask after your name is what you do. If you have no job, that very simple question becomes difficult to answer. That is why too many unemployed refrain from going out at night to party or have dinner with friends out of the fear of being asked, “What do you do?” On the other hand, when one has a job, he has a large network of colleagues at work and friends from work.

A job gives a person something to do every day. He knows he has to get up early, he knows beforehand his goals for the day, then he has to go back home after work, attend to some matters in the house, and then sleep. One day is never enough to accomplish tasks. He is always busy. The unemployed person feels the day is too long. There is not much to do. The day is not programmed the way it used to be while he was still working.

A job gives a person a sense of purpose and direction. He has reasons why he has to go to work and remain working. It becomes easy for him to set goals because he has a stable source of income. He may include trips or vacations with his family among his goals because he has a job that will support the financial aspect of his goals.