Workers Eligible for Unemployment Insurance

In these times of recession it is not acceptable to mourn too much when you have been laid off from work. It is alright to get discouraged, but don’t look at the situation as if you cannot bounce back anymore because you have just lost your favorite job. Unemployment may seem scary but while you do not have a job yet and you will be up and about looking for that next job, the government will temporarily provide you with financial assistance to help support your bills in the course of our daily lives. If you have been working for a long time you have high chances to be approved of UI, or the unemployment insurance. When filing, you just need to comply with the Department of Labor’s requirements and fill out the claims form as completely as possible so your application would not be delayed.

Now you may be asking which workers are eligible or I claims. The unemployed is defined as any eligible worker who has lost his job through reasons not caused by him as in the case with being terminated or fired. The unemployed lost his job through business factors that call for his legal discharge from the company such as downsizing, labor disputes between company and unions, bankruptcy, or redundancies. Secondly, if he has lost his job, he will not be called an unemployed when he is not actively seeking for a job. Even when he does finds a job but is not in line with his work skills and experience, he is not obliged to get that job and he can file for weekly UI claims. Lastly, he must be available and ready to work anytime. If a person does not have all the three factors, then he is not worthy of being called unemployed. Thus, he is not eligible for UI compensation.

Other eligible workers are ex-service members of the military. They must be on active duty with any branch of the US military and separated under honorable conditions. Federal employees also benefit from UI compensation.